In this room time has really stopped.
There is a wonderful collection of suggestive pictures of the sailing period from the XV to the XVII century as well as a series of models of ancient vessels with Dutch, French, Spanish and English flags that represent the contribute in marine creativity of this famous artist and modeller (among the firsts of the nation) during the period from the last and the present century.
Unfortunately this collection is not complete: many models are now exhibited in other European museums, in particular French and Swiss.
Also of great interest is the Columbian triptych with the famous caravels which possesses one of the most accurate and valuable historical and technical recontruction and that is, together with the Colombian Biography also present in the Museum, a real centre of attraction.
Between the most accurate models in the room there are those relative to the two-masted sailing-boat, the schooner brigantine, the french chalutier, the adriatic trabaccolo and the modelist's diorama of laboratory, this one presented at the Genoa Expo.
In this room is also showed th first pattern, present in the Museum, of figure-head of english brigantine of 1840, restored in the near laboratory, after almost an year of work.