In addition to the diverse models of dockyards and arsenals which represent, in faithful reproduction and perfect elegance of form, sailing ships (navy and merchant navy) and self-propelled vessels, there is an always more numerous series of models which reflect the art, patience and experience of some of the finest Italian modellers: Mazzini, Crispo, Valente, Garaventa, Perego, Segnani, Formichi, Matelli, Roggero, Opletal, Razzetto, Tassoni, Massabò, Amici, Franelli, Sander, Armenise, Pastorino, Acquarone, Orengo, V'alzano, Neri, etc. And also, the dockyard models by Dino Patrone, all possessing a remarkable technical correspondence and a valuable and elegant outline, donated by the sailing company "Italia S.p.a." Finally, of recent acquisition, there is part of the collection of Captain Brizzi Albertelli of Parma, who wanted to add his name to those who have collaborated to the development of this section.