Besides the port development and the various projects for extension that can be considered pure historic documents, it is interesting to observe the collection of various tools (hooks, rasps, etc.) used by dockers in the most disparate operations of loading and unloading.
Next to the statistical documents relating to local marine trades from the XVI century, you can behold historic images of the local ports, models of tugs and harbour means of transport together with what remains of the glorious 'Sodalizi Marittimi' (Maritime Associations), the old Captains Club and the Maritime Association of Mutual Aid of Oneglia with their worn gonfalons (standards) carrying the city's coat-of-arms as decoration. The province of Imperia is famous because to have equipped sailormen and Captains to the ships of "Sorima" (Maritime Recovery Society) which have written, with their glorious operations of wreckage underwater research in d'EEP dephts.
The names of Artiglio, Rostro, Rampino, Raffio have passed through the history, as theirdivers.
The Museum is preparing an accurate historical reconstruction of the work of these last, that will include a display of work - overalls, headpieces, air - tubes, pumps, torchs, and underwater cutting equipments etc.
Near this evocative story of work in the d'EEP of the seas, are showed two wonderful models of te ships Artiglio and Rostro, which have in past stuffed, with their ventures, the world maritime chronicles.